HeiQ AeoniQ Holding AG

Meet the people who make it a reality: Martin Gebert-Germ

"My vision is to create a sustainable environment for our children."

What is your daily role, what motivates you to contribute to this project and what makes you most excited about HeiQ AeoniQ™?

I am the CEO of HeiQ AeoniQ GmbH in Austria and am responsible for scaling up this breakthrough technology. My motivation is to get a filament yarn with the lowest possible impact on the environment and to be the first on the market to do that.

What is your point of view about sustainability in the textile industry? And what can be done to reduce the impact of the industry on a global scale?

I think that the textile industry is not sustainable. Everyone is talking about sustainability but in the end, most of that is greenwashing, or at least not with a long-term view.

For getting the textile industry on a sustainable path we must line up the whole supply chain from designers and yarn suppliers to the garment makers and involve the final customers.

What is your vision? In your professional or private life.

My vision is to create a sustainable environment for our children.

What are your hobbies, how does your leisure time look like?

I enjoy flyfishing.