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Eternal Circularity, From Nature For Nature

Eternal Circularity, From Nature For Nature

Replace Polyester & Nylon with Our Climate Positive Circular Cellulosic Yarn

HeiQ AeoniQ™ is HeiQ’s key initiative to change the sustainability of textiles. As the global leader in textile innovations, we have created the world’s first climate-positive continuous cellulose filament yarn through our proprietary manufacturing process. For the first time in textile history, we managed to reproduce the properties of polyester and nylon yarns in a cellulosic, biodegradable, and endlessly recyclable fiber

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Made of sustainable raw materials such as circulose®,  non-valorized agricultural waste and bacteria celusose, each ton of HeiQ AeoniQ™ can potentially enable 5 tons of CO2 emission reduction. Textiles made of HeiQ AeoniQ™ do not require agricultural land, pesticide, or fertilizer. End-of-life products are fully biodegradable and designed for eternal circularity.

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HeiQ AeoniQ™ (Aeon: striving for eternal circularity) is a cellulosic endless filament yarn, innovatively manufactured with a very low environmental footprint. HeiQ AeoniQ™ yarns match synthetic fiber properties and are designed for closed-loop circularity while maintaining consistent fiber quality. 


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Together we can end environmental pollution from textiles, eliminate nondegradable synthetics and prevent land and water issues with cotton.

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